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Infrared Ear Thermometer

Accurately measures body temperature through the ear. Hygienic- with probe cover. One touch operation. Dual/ switchable temperature reading/ in Centigrade and Fahrenheit With fever alarm Can store upto 9 memory for recall Fast measurement- 1 second measurement Ergonomic design Unit size:

arm Type Blood Pressure Monitor

Superior motorcycle LED tail lights manufacturers Patented technology- Equipped with 7 measurement bar graph. After measurement, monitor will show you the trends of your blood pressure via bar graph form for easy evaluation. Equipped with AHA (American Heart Association) blood pressure classificat

Sneezer Beam

Effectively provides releif to hay fever symptoms such as sneezing, congestiuon, running nose by using low energy light. Non invasive, clinically tested Easy to use, just insert nasal probes to nose Built in timer for auto off Treatment cycle: 3 minutes, at least 2 to 3 times a day for 3 wee

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